While great news that coal power contribution to electricity generation hit zero several times last week, the renewables industry still faces tough times ahead in light of the government's approach to supporting renewables in the UK.  The reduction of various tariffs and inability to compete in certain capacity markets has slowed the deployment of solar and wind projects.

Having said that we should not only celebrate how far the industry has come over the last couple of decades but we should be positive in our outlook for further deployment.  Having attended both the Storage Summit and All Energy in the last couple of weeks there is great hope (realistic!) that battery and other forms of storage will ensure the continued deployment of renewables in the near future.

Initial deployment will be standalone technology backed by private equity funds but once debt providers see that storage works and how it can be combined with other technologies debt will flow and deployment will be kick-started. So while the outlook may not be as sunny as perhaps 12 months ago its certainly not overcast!