Pavlovian conditioning looks like it could morph in an unusual way with banking if the Pavlok wristband ever gets linked to a bank account.  With the aim of shocking users into good behaviour, the idea is that if you went overdrawn for example, you'd receive a nice 255 volt shock to remind you that that's not something you should make a habit of.  For that reason, it's potential uses are not limited solely to banking.

Of interest to some but not everyone's cup of tea maybe.

Moving away from this specific example there is an interesting debate around the potential of the broader Internet of Things movement.  Undoubtedly there is a huge opportunity for many that could bring real benefits to society, the way we live and work, and improve our resourcefulness.  But what of cyber risks and unintended consequences?  

As more of our world moves online, clearly the interest for those with darker motives also moves online.  More information about us is available to many than ever before and whilst the potential to link devices can bring great insights, savings and behavioural change the broader question of whether we should link things just because we can has to be asked?  The novelty and intrigue of just what technology can do is fascinating and inventive. However a balance needs to be struck between novelty and purpose as the technology grows to ensure that the bad doesn't accidentally outweigh and undo the benefits and potential.