Gemalto has published a good summary of the industry view of some of the myths around mobile NFC.

Having discussed the existence of some of these risks in a consumer's mind in my earlier posts over the last 7 days, it's good to see that we're on the same page when it comes to education and messaging to ensure that consumers buy into the benefits (as against any perception of risk).

The article touches on many of the issues that get raised when NFC is discussed or written about, the two key ones for me being availability and security. It's interesting to see the figures around the level of investment being made by merchants and financial institutions. However, availability of technology doesn't always translate to adoption, and in the consumers' mind perhaps the notion of data security and the need for allowing others to be involved in the payment chain holds them back. I'm not sure that there's a wide understanding of how this technology uses data, who gets to see it or how it's protected.

Given my experience working in a large bank, the challenge is to explain this technology in simple, jargon free language. Direction of travel for data protection laws is undoubtedly towards 'transparency is king'. How then, against that backdrop, do you land the messages and pitch this to the masses?

Given the outcry in the last 2 years when it was suggested cheque books would be phased out, I don't think consumers would welcome this if forced upon them. The industry needs to gain the goodwill and acceptance itself.

Worth a read.