Here is a great example of how the solar industry does and can continue to grow despite the trials and tribulations thrown its way .

While not on the scale of the ground mount deployment this is a great example of the type of developments expected to form the main thrust of solar growth over the next 12-18 months. 

Private wire PPA sites have the right economics to be deployed without any government help (for help perhaps read interference).  Lightsource and other developers marked the private wire route as the way forward at the recent Clean Energy summit for new deployment.  High energy users in the daytime with large roof tops are the prime target for developers. 

We are seeing our clients move into this area more and more.  That is not to say there are not issues with the most obvious and problematic being more parties to appease (landlord, building tenant and mortgagees of those parties) but grid arrangements and structural stability also feature highly.  However these are not insurmountable and provided there is a willingness on all parties to achieve success then as lawyers we find a way to document the agreed terms.