With news that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is trialling UK based Anti Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Defence Systems (Auds) amidst its efforts to source technology to detect drones, it seems that regulation and practical counter-measures to the proliferation and use of drones is unlikely to be far off.

Last month's Queen's Speech indicated that the Modern Transport Bill would focus on (amongst other things) regulating the use of drones.  The detail is unclear at the moment but it is likely to centre around a registration system similar to that used in the US (i.e. registration via an app and requirement to display registration number on the drone). 

Additionally (in light of some aircraft near misses with drones in recent months) the Civil Aviation Authority is also set to consult on drone technology perhaps to look at no fly zones or other control measures.

As drone and counter drone technology develops it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to envision an environment in which drone usage is regulated through an auditable registration system; inhibits their practical use  by implementing no fly zones - in particular at airports and sporting venues and protects personal privacy by applying  data and privacy laws to the use of camera enabled drones.