Superb story this, and congratulations to our friends at PPS and Abundance.  It also demonstrates the boost that local authorities can give by taking a leading role on community energy projects, in a similarly fashion to the pro-active stances shown by Plymouth and Bristol councils.  

It is also heartening to see the continuing success of bond issues in the post-EIS share offer world. To my mind, this shows us (and the Conservative government) that the public's interest in community renewables was not all about HNW individuals looking for a tax efficient investment, but reached a wider audience, with people's investment being holistic rather than purely financial. 

Having said that, finding a 7 or 8% return isn't a sure thing these days, so it makes financial sense too and the peer to peer ISA opportunity creates a much slicker route to crowd funds for well-planned projects. Credit to Swindon for showing the way.