Having been away last week and admiring the number of turbines and panels on the way down to Truro I was equally delighted to come back and see this article highlighting just how far the renewables industry has come.  Despite much adversity over the years renewables is now at the forefront of power generation and globally that looks set to continue..

Although the dark forces of fossil fuel generation are being overcome in most parts of the world here in the UK we seem to be slowing down in our deployment just when other countries are picking up momentum.  Just as we looked to be riding the crest of a wave the rug has been taken from under our feet with solar and wind deployment dropping away even offshore wind where tariffs remain available. 

You may have read my previous posts on storage and while that assists with balancing demand and supply the truth is that storage is not generation.  We will still need further deployment and my concern is that this government, while phasing out coal,  shows little interest in encouraging truly green projects.   My hope is that the rebel forces continue the struggle and that some sense will be seen by those in power enabling the UK to stay a green leader.