Now I found this article on Facebook's new Deep Text really interesting.  

The bit that really grabbed me?  The notion that in a world of ever greater connectivity, technology and opportunity, our own personal worlds could actually at the same time conversely be getting smaller seemed extraordinary.

But really - could they be?

Facebook's latest moves using Deep Text aim to make it a better search engine and bring it closer and closer towards Google's patch of internet searching and data results.  Yes in a different way, but with the same aim - selling us products and services that are relevant to us, at the time that we most 'need' them.

It's the data set that they're each working from that could see our worlds 'shrink'.  Google, in theory, scans the whole web (give or take).  Facebook would potentially focus more on our Friends'/Groups' data for searches relevant to our own social network - and in that way, as the quote says, potentially only keep us in our "more insular version of the web, shaped by our own geography, demographics, affinities and beliefs".

Re-enforcing boundaries rather than opening new horizons? It's a fascinating spin on our growing data driven world.