A splendid collaboration from our friends in the North. Great to see a modular 1MW storage array ,interestingly based on vanadium flow units), answering the problems of variable renewable generation (we don't say "intermittent" any more, as that implies it's unexpected).   In remote areas, grid capacity is inherently constrained, but it's not difficult to extrapolate this to areas of dense distributed generation and see the positive impact modular storage could have. 

It's also very heartening to see developer s, DECC and the DNO working hand in hand with Community Energy Scotland. Storage represents a massive opportunity for community energy groups to partner with developers, and we hope to see increased levels of support from the Government to enable this to happen.  I say "support", but what I'm not saying is "please subsidise".....this market can find its own way. We need regulatory and policy certainty (eg on embedded benefits) and then a laissez-faire approach. 

Good news, though.