It's alarming how often I open up a magazine or click on a link to read positive news couched in negative terms.  Take the article in point - as an industry we should be shouting from the rooftops (being careful not to step on any solar panels installed) about record renewables growth in terms of industry value, jobs and deployment and yet the main point of the article is that this growth will be slowed by "sudden and severe" policy changes.  

ROC, Fit and CfD changes are the changes that initially spring to mind but there are others that have had impacts and the upcoming embedded benefits review threatens to do more of the same.

So is this a call for arms to political lobbying - partly yes although I am convinced that until this issue is seen as a vote impacting topic the politicians won't be moved by purely industry lobbying.  As an industry we also have to look to new ways whether further cutting costs or different methods.  This is an innovative industry and continues to be so.  In talking to developers, investors and banks there is still appetite for deployment irrespective of political instability.  

The image in the article is of wind turbines and clouds but I do see some rays of sunshine for the industry - with lobbying, with innovation and with getting the public on board and fully aware let's make sure we call out our successes from the rooftops (and at the same time put some panels down on them).