With the Bristol Green Week starting in less than in less than 2 days I was interested to hear about the number of businesses that have signed up to the Net Positive project and its 12 principles. At the heart of the Net Positive project is the desire of business not only to offset their impact to the environment and the communities they work in but to replenish the natural capital they consume and to improve the socio/economic conditions in which they operate. 

You may think you have heard it all before – after all the concept of "Corporate Social Responsibility" is well embedded in most businesses. What is different about this initiative is that businesses are called upon to set specific objectives, to measure their progress towards these objectives and report on this progress. Transparency is at the heart of this initiative, creating healthy competition between participants to achieve the highest "Net Positive" effect. 

Quote: “The Net Positive Project will create a race to the top by increasing companies’ sustainability ambition to have a positive impact on society and the environment,” Forum for the Future’s chief executive Sally Uren said. “It will also help companies enhance their approach to innovation and strategy, brand and reputation, and relationships with stakeholders, while it increases sales and financial success.”

In many instances signing up to these principles will require a fundamental shift in the way that businesses operate and there will unarguably be lots of learning across the way. One thing is for certain though the benefits (and they are many) outweigh any costs that may be involved. 

Personally I will be following this newest development in the sustainability arena very closely.