As the UK is at a pivotal point in laying the groundwork for its demand side response industry, it's informative and helpful to look to the US experience for useful indicators as to the way forward. Our recent Energy Storage Round Table heard some valuable contributions from specialist contributors looking at the impact of storage and DSR more generally, particularly in the PJM Interconnection.  A variety of measures are contributing to enormous savings in times of highest demand, without the need to turn on high-carbon peak-shaving plant, and the lessons here have to be that a market and contract opportunity that is flexible in terms of the way in which plant and technology is deployed is the way forward. 

It's easy to get too fixated on one form of potential contract, as we've seen many do with the 200MW EFR tender recently. The real power of DSR and storage in decarbonising our generation network is on a flexible, fully-integrated footing, and the policy makers at OFGEM and DECC should do well to look to the US for evidence of the power of a supported but relatively unhindered market.