Mmmm.  Possibly too strong a statement, but does our FOMO (fear of missing out) mean we take our eye of the ball at times when weighing up the opportunity and excitement of a technology development versus the security risk?

The article referenced below from TechCrunch takes a really interesting look at how as we continue down the path of greater connectivity, our eyes should never stray too far from security.

Whilst we're all now well versed in the risks of cybersecurity around online banking and smartphones, cyber criminals still get through.  As the opportunities that tech presents grow and we inevitably take steps to move more of our lives, homes and modes of transport online, new threats will emerge.  The article takes a good look at how those threats exist today with connected cars.  Some of the security flaws have been well highlighted and made the headlines in the UK so manufacturers are already on it.  The article looks at the steps manufacturers have and are taking.

It's interesting though how tech, whilst on the one hand being the manifestation of the risk, at the same time provides not only the solution, but also the opportunity.  With cars in years gone by, what you drove away from the forecourt with was essentially all you would ever get.  Now tech updates to operating systems through over the air updates, manufacturers are given the chance to build on and enhance the consumers' experience throughout the lifecycle of their car.

An exciting new avenue for after sales.

More broadly though the game of cat and mouse continues.  Sometimes you're ahead.  Sometimes you're behind.  You can't escape from the reality though that if something's online, it's a potential target and as smart city's and transport evolve we, as both manufacturers and consumers, need to remember that.