While I am all in favour of taking a long term view and indeed a holistic approach I am wary of any committee telling the UK government a review is needed.  The renewables (and wider still generation) industry has had enough of reviews - they seem to be very much one way and that way is not up.

A review of embedded benefits is already promised and we await the consultation paper with some trepidation - too much change could again set the industry back - see earlier posts from me on that.

However, the overall view that "there is a need for better integration of connection and planning-consent processes" is to be welcomed.  Too often the electricity industry is stifled because although one hurdle is ticked off another one then condemns the project to the waste bin.  Not only can we look to other countries to see how they have developed but we also need to just take a step back and look at the various interactions between consents, payments and benefits (of all types).  With a holistic view it will be much easier to plan a way forward that is logical structured and beneficial for all industry players including financiers!