Like one of my earlier posts this is not a political stance or at least not in terms of party bias.  We are on the eve of an important vote that could significantly affect our country for decades.

The majority of the battle grounds for Brexit have really focussed on immigration and economic issues - albeit there has been a distinct lack of clarity on both of those and, I believe, as a "nation" we are going to the polls as the least educated set of voters on any British vote in the last century.  

Environmental matters were briefly mentioned in one of the debates  but have not majored in media and press.  I can't help but agree with Natalie that "By voting to leave we would be adding a whole extra layer of problems".  The government would not be bound by EU target commitments and policies - look what they did even when bound by those! 

As Ed says "Since we have been in the EU... our environment has improved".  Yes there is more than the environment to consider when thinking of which way to vote but leaving would certainly put our environmental position in jeopardy and should not be considered lightly when deciding where to put that cross!