So this report (one of a flurry released recently) suggests a global market of 45GW of storage systems by 2025.

The National Infrastructure Committee has stated that storage should play a big part of the solution to grid issues and to the energy mix for the UK.  So what is stopping it?  Well a current pause is the upcoming review of the embedded benefits due out once Brexit is over (should that be IF it is over after today) and contacts in the industry are certainly sitting on their hands until that has been published.  

Another restricting factor is the markets within which battery storage developers can operate.  At the moment the relevant capacity markets are limited and a broadening of the opportunities for storage is needed.  Behind the meter schemes seem the most likely way forward but my concern is that we as a nation miss out on a market which is going to explode and our status as a leader in Energy and Renewables is diminished and tarnished by some short sighted decisions based on political will.