So it has happened, the people have voted and the demand is to leave.  An historic day whatever your stance on the question.  There are many issues to be discussed, wrangled and ironed out with the EU.  I just hope that environment is not put to the bottom of the queue.

Lots of positive change has happened as a result of being in the EU and even if (sorry when) we leave that does not mean those standards or targets should be dropped.  Do we want our beaches and water quality to drop? No Do we want to reduce the protection of our wildlife and their habitats? No Do we want to disregards our commitment to a low carbon economy and our emissions targets? No 

There are many doom and gloom merchants predicting failures in all of the above matters but in this period of uncertainty rather then be despondent now is the time to start voicing our concerns over these issues.  We must ensure environmental matters are not left out of the discussion and equally that when the exited UK government starts making policies on energy and environment we are a strong united front.  There is still much that is unknown and we are sailing uncharted waters.

Wider than any one issue and on a personal note what I hope is that we as a "nation" can reunite divisions across all political spectrums and not continue this approach of fear campaigning.  Great Britain was not Great because of independence it was Great because of people working together for a common goal.