Following on from the portable energy generation potential of the WITT (WITT Energy), we're delighted to see Sudha Kheterpal's "Spark", which adopts the same broad principle of converting movement to a small localised energy supply. Although it's hard to see this scaling up in the way the WITT product might do, it's a neat inventive kinetic concept, and has the added beauty of being woven into the fabric of musical and dance culture.  What a fabulous concept.

We have recently been exploring the impact that solar PV combined with small-scale storage can have in off-grid communities, and definitely see the enormous potential to make huge differences to lives without a stable electricity supply. On that theme, it is great to see a company such as PEG offering such a well thought-out approach in offering manageable hire purchase arrangements for small scale solar units.  Perhaps there's some learning we can all take from this, as more and more communities look to the opportunity combing renewable generation with storage and take themselves away from the grid through choice, rather than because there simply isn't an option to do otherwise.