A great comment in the context of the retail chain Asos.  It epitomises the need, and challenge, in modern times to be aware of and to evaluate technological changes in order to see how those changes could improve the way we each do business.

From social media (and the challenge to not shake the same products and messages down a new pipe but to engage with customers in new, innovative ways), to now the potential of AI and biometrics.

Technology will have different benefits depending on the industry involved, and whilst some (like banking) may prioritise biometrics for fraud prevention, other industries may look at it's possible link to customer service and experience.

Voice biometrics in particular seem to be coming on leaps and bounds, with reports this week making main stream news on how their accuracy has been improving over the last couple of years: 


This article is also interesting for the angle it shows on the potential for voice biometrics and their link to the ever greater interconnection of devices and our world.

Interesting times indeed.