This is a link to an article in the independent from over a month ago but has slipped under the radar with the political shenanigans over our new PM.

The well known phrase goes "The King is dead, long live the King" but the question raised here is whether in fact the King is actually dead?  Amber Rudd made the statement that coal is to be phased out but Andrea Leadsom seems to be raising a potential loophole with the phrase "unabated coal".  

Although Andrea and Amber have now moved departments we would expect the consultation draft to have already been prepared but we await the actual information about how coal will be phased out.  It is hard to say whether we should show any concern about the delay bearing in mind what has been happening but equally it may be that the government has got cold feet post-Brexit. Certainly it is one to watch with bated breath.

The renewables industry has no pretence that the government sees it as the new King but certainly would not expect for King Coal to be resurrected bearing in mind both COP21 targets and our general emissions standards.  DECC may be no more but Energy is part of business and that requires a realisation that for a low carbon economy to flourish we cannot go back to Old King Coal - however a jolly a fellow he might have been!