It's good to see our friends from Regen SW in the news, with a positive report on the progress of renewable energy deployment in the UK.  As Merlin says, the change to a "smart, decentralised and renewable energy system is now unstoppable", but the issue is whether BEIS and the reformed government can take the policy approach necessary to let the UK become a world leader on this, or whether we are just dragged along behind others' leadership. 

Whilst the decision to delay a decision on Hinkley Point surprised many, we hope that it is at least an indicator that new nuclear's role in the UK's energy mix is properly assessed as part of a cohesive long-term energy strategy, something that has been lacking for too long.  Leaving the somewhat baffling economics aside, there is an opportunity to drive growth and innovation in the development of clean technologies and distributed generation alongside the nuclear programme, creating significant opportunities in the sector, new jobs, reducing infrastructure upgrade costs and reducing energy bills for consumers. 

It just has to be balanced and planned - this help to rebuild investor confidence In the UK, and allow energy customers to plan for the future with extra confidence.  

It's almost as if it's what BEIS was made for. We look forward to November.