Is it me or is there a feeling around the globe that if you can't stop nature then lets use it.  For centuries we have been pillaging the planet and over the last few decades we have learnt the implications of that. 

The planet and nature is sustained by the sun, the wind and water (rain and oceans) and we have learnt that it can do the same for us and for our energy needs.  The article shows just some of the wonderful developments across our globe where renewable energy is being used to sustain communities and cities.  

Even in the UK the momentum has shifted and as a nation we have never been more engaged in climate change issues and concern for how to obtain our energy and how we use it.  The public is aware of the backdrop now - COP21 and sustainability are known topics.  Renewables is no longer a tin pot small industry and has global reach.  Notwithstanding the  cuts to UK tariffs there is still a huge (almost tidal) wave of ambition and desire to sustain the renewables surge.  Yes it is not an easy ride and constant adaption/change are needed but the developers and investors are still there and still wanting to deploy.  Storage may be the current "in-thing" for deployment but we shouldn't forget the more "traditional" technologies.  I am proud to be in an industry that at the heart of it stems from a desire to change the status quo and protect our planet.  After all if you can't beat them (the elements) then join them...

Most people are probably aware of the narrative by now. Driven by COP21 and the Sustainable Development Goals, renewable energy has grown from a niche energy source to one that has been heralded as the solution to a global addiction to fossil fuels.