Understanding what customers want to consume, in what form, where and when is vital for the success of publisher growth strategy. Data analytics have become the key to understanding customer preference and creating value from insights.

The result is a transition from publisher to multi-media company focusing on print, digital, social, video, events, e-commerce and programmatic advertising offerings...(the list goes on).

Companies are leveraging their customer understanding to serve up what their people want and creating new sustainable revenue streams in the process. This will often include print served to targeted interest groups on the right subjects, but this will not be the end of the story. Print will play its part in amongst numerous varied offerings which are known to appeal to their audiences.

So, to fixate on the 'demise of print' and the 'rise of digital' appears to miss the point. The elixir is a wider offering within which print still plays an important and indivisible role.