So Amazon's Dash buttons are launching in the UK for its Amazon Prime customers. 

A time saving device and perhaps representing the bridging point between domestic devices as we've always known them (that sit in the corner and work - most of the time - when we need them) and what they will inevitably become (that tell us when we need them, and look after themselves....maybe?).

The Dash button allows you with one click, to order replacement supplies - be that toilet rolls, clothes washing liquid etc.

Slightly less headline grabbing is the reported ongoing discussions between Amazon and device manufacturers to install a system on the device itself that will order replacement supplies when they are running low - much like printers have done in offices for a while.

So the Internet of Things is arriving in our domestic appliances.

It will be interesting to see how receptive consumers are to the technology - particularly at the price points that it will inevitably initially launch at.  One thing's for certain, this type of technological development in our domestic lives is not going away.