Amongst all the press that we've seen since 23 June, there's been a lot of speculation, discussion and uncertainty.  That's inevitable.  None of us have done this before.

Legally the whole situation is fascinating - so many possible permutations and changes.  But we lawyers are clearly not alone - risk and opportunity exists in almost every industry and sector, not all as old as the legal profession.

The fear factor is whether it would kill off new, growing industries.  One of those that's been talked about a lot in the post-Brexit press is FinTech.  Still a relative newcomer, but a vital one to the disruptive, start-up scene that's grown in size and awareness since the financial crash of 2008/2009.

I found this article really interesting.  Full of personal views, but all with a theme of positivity around the uncertainty that's currently surrounding the FinTech scene, its funding, investment and opportunity.  

And that final word is perhaps key.  Brexit hasn't ended disruption of financial services.  The opportunities still exist to disrupt and change the UK financial services market.  We just need to make sure that whatever unpicking of 40 years of harmonisation follows reflects and nurtures that environment.