Again as an environmentalist I am delighted and staggered by the figures set out in the article.  It is a monumental shift in power generation and a shot in the arm for the planet's resources.  However, on a personal note it is sad that such great news is marred by the UK stance.  

As Christoph Frei says in the article : “The success of both the development of intermittent renewables and their efficient integration in electricity systems fundamentally depends on the right market design and regulatory framework and solid regional planning to avoid bottlenecks.”

This is where the UK is falling down.  The regulatory framework is ever changing which allows little chance to take a structured approach.  Further more the changes are usually of a negative nature - we have a great chance to be a world leader in storage which will have many benefits for UK plc and yet changes area announced piecemeal and take effect with little time for developers to adjust.

Having said all that there are still signs of promise.  Solar developers are looking to the future while building out remaining 1.2 ROC sites, wind developers are biding their time and storage deployment is happening.  With offshore wind, AD, tidal and hydro also options (albeit expensive or uneconomic currently) we still have other areas to research and deploy but the proper framework is required.