So with the stats out showing August 2016 being the slowest deployment month yet under the new FIT regime, for many the pressure is on to find alternative ways to make an attractive business case for energy deployment. There is of course the potential for private wire, capacity market or frequency response arrangements but these can often be complicated and in the case of the capacity market, not even guaranteed. Nottingham City Council seems to think solar car ports could be the answer.

Whilst solar car ports won't be able to benefit from any better FIT rates, there is not only the benefit of power for the adjacent building but also other less tangible benefits such as shelter for customers, co siting with EV charging points, advertising on the structure and potentially increased footfall . In addition, unlike some rural solar developments, surely nobody can make the argument that this type of solar development is ruining the landscape? I have certainly not yet seen a car park that can be described as picturesque!