The pace of change in technology for domestic and energy management is matched only by the scale of the opportunity, but the industry was given a massive wake-up call over the weekend, as directory services provider Dyn was subject to a massive denial of service attack, using internet connected home devices to co-ordinate the assault. Matthew Green's comments sum it up in pithy, perfect fashion.  

Perhaps the voices (to which we add our own here) calling for security measures to be incorporated into Internet-enabled appliances can now be heard, not to stymie the growth of a massively energy-efficient infrastructure, but to ensure it can be built before customer confidence is irrevocably damaged. 

It's a cheap back door; like spending a fortune on a state-of-the-art infrared home security system and leaving the keys in the door.  And where rollout of this technology becomes mandatory (in the case of smart meters, quite rightly so), then security must be given primary consideration, before we insist people are given a brand new door they can't close.