As the OFGEM call for evidence on smart flexible energy systems has now been released it seems to me that a lot of that evidence has been provided over the last few months.

The article linked below is yet another in a stream of reports/recommendations stating that the system needs to be looked at holistically and that certain areas are not treated equally e.g. storage is not generation but seems to suffer by way of being classed as it.  Furthermore the current frameworks (whether by chance or otherwise) seem to favour dirtier technologies with diesel gensets often coming out on top.

So it seems that the evidence is mounting up but crucially the issue is whether the evidence is taken on board.  Change takes time (see any form of environmental issue from UK law through to global climate change conventions) so pressure needs to be brought.  The only way of doing that is for numerous responses to be sent to the latest OFGEM request.  Notwithstanding the current state of playing field we are seeing storage sites in development stages and the investor community is interested.  Just think how much more interest and investment could be created on an even pitch!

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