So perhaps it is the time of night that I am writing this or perhaps it is the fact that the government's view on renewables since election has been so one way but you will forgive me when 1 say I double checked the date to make sure it is not 1 April.

In the article Greg Clarke not only says fears over intermittency were overblown but went onto state how these technologies actually benefitted consumers by having a disruptive influence on the status quo.  He went on to state added that the impetus was now on government to design an energy system that can “better manage intermittency” and harness the advantages of supplementary technologies such as storage, demand-side response and innovative IT systems.

That is not what we expect to hear from a conservative government that has seemed hell bent on pulling rug from under the renewables industry's feet causing developers no end of grief.  Whatever next... an OFGEM consultation where they actually listen to the response for evidence ; solar being re-admitted to the CFD auction in 2017?  

Oh hang on a minute it's not April 1st after all but perhaps I'd better get writing to the big man in Lapland setting out it is my Christmas wish list.  There is some hope after all and I have been a very good boy this year!

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