Although the electric car market has steadily been picking up the pace over the past few years the fear of running out of power has continued to be a major turn-off. Could the new high powered electric vehicle charging network be the push we all need to go electric when we buy our next car or will other factors continue to drive us away?

This plan is a certainly a step in the right direction and shows that car firms with recently shaky 'green' credentials (ahem, Volkswagen) are starting to take environmental concerns seriously. This can only be good news if we ever hope to reduce carbon emissions in the UK as much as we need to.

If BMW, Volkswagen, Daimler and Ford can achieve Tesla's aim of bringing charging time down to 5-10 minutes then electric cars will certainly seem a more attractive proposition for anyone in the market for a new car. If they get this right our roads are likely to look, sound and smell very different in the not too distant future.