On the 17th day of December (2015) the Government gave to me – reduced support for solar PV.

On the 14th day of December (2016) the Government gave to me – a thumbs up for large heat energy.

After last year's disappointing Christmas present, thankfully it seems the Government is doing a better job of embracing the festive spirit this year. Although it will not be all smiles when this gift is unwrapped, the reaction will certainly be better than the one from solar PV developers last Christmas.

It is pleasing to see that support for solar thermal has been maintained and the tariffs for larger installations of other technologies such as biomass and AD will even be raised. The uplift in tariffs does of course raise the risk of the Government shutting down the RHI scheme to new applicants sooner than anticipated. However, on a more positive note, this consultation response does demonstrate that the Government recognises the importance of decarbonising heat, which is vital if the UK is ever to reach its climate change reduction targets.