So less than a week into 2017 and not surprisingly London has breached its annual legal limit for air pollution. Whilst I am intrigued by 'Wair', the new air filtering scarf announced at CES 2016, this type of invention is not going to be enough to prevent significant damage to people's health. It seems London Mayor Sadiq Khan's plans to address the air pollution issue in London can't come soon enough and similar ideas are also going to be needed in most other cities.

 The proposed Clean Air Zones sound like a step in the right direction but will they really address the problem? Is there a risk that they simply move the areas of high pollution rather than actually reducing overall air pollution levels? I suspect that not everyone will responded positively to the Government consultation on Clean Air Zones which closed on 9 December 2016.  We await the results with baited (and possibly somewhat polluted) breath!