So the source may not be what we tend to start our Energy trawl on the internet but irrespective of where this news is located one can't help but admire the intention of the Swedes.  Not something we in the UK are anywhere near either achieving or indeed having a policy framework in place that looks to achieve anywhere near that goal.

So what do we have? We do have a renewables industry and on certain days of the year we have had 25% of power coming from renewables. We do have innovative companies both in established sectors and in new areas.  We do have great natural resource of wind, wave, tidal and sun.  

What don't we have? Well we don't have strong support from the government for renewables deployment (save for perhaps CFDs for offshore wind).  We don't have a clear coherent policy for energy generation (renewables or otherwise). 

To be fair recent statements from Teresa May in the industrial statement are encouraging as far as storage is concerned but the devil is in the detail of that as well.  So at the moment while its not "pure" renewables deployment the energy industry does have an area to focus on but again with consultations on-going and uncertainty as to contract lengths and what might happen to embedded benefits it is still a minefield to cross.

So over the years we have imported many Scandinavian products and concepts (IKEA, bacon, Hygge to name a few) but what i'd really like is for us to import their approach to energy!