Lots of interesting potential here.  As yet, little detail (the vote by the European Parliament was after all only in the last few days!).

Regulation in the AI arena will be something that the tech community will be cautious about at this stage.  There's a lot of debate going on at the moment around how legislators and regulators should respond to, in truth, the relatively rapid developments that have and are taking place in AI.

Law is often criticised for being behind the curve, especially when it comes to the tech disruption that we've seen in a number of industries in the last decade.  Equally, it also comes in for criticism if people perceive it as going too far too soon and stifling development/innovation.

What's it looking at?

This vote by the European Parliament (overwhelmingly in favour I might add) represents some of the first real steps to shaping what future regulation might look like.  It's not going to be here tomorrow!

Interestingly the paper behind the vote looks at tackling not just legal concerns (e.g. like identity, legal status of robots, data, liability etc.), but also looks at how law and society should respond to some of the more, I guess, moral discussion points around robot design/appearance, purpose and the consequences of human emotional attachment.

Universal basic income

Perhaps surprisingly, the idea of a universal basic income appears to have been rejected.  This concept has its foundations in the fears of job losses where current roles are either replaced by, or the need for them is reduced by, AI.  It's been spoken about in favourable terms by a number of high profile people, including Elon Musk.  However, as it's being trialled in a number of countries at the moment, it may simply be that the evidence is not there at the moment to justify or legitimise a decision on its need more broadly within the European area, or indeed to really understand the challenges (probably more societal, behavioural and social) that it itself may pose. 

Really interesting this area, and one that I'm certainly going to be keeping a close eye on.