I know it's been said before (BBVA said in 2015 that it viewed itself as likely to be a software company in future) but this is interesting perhaps not so much for the idea behind the statement - but for what it means.

First and foremost its another acknowledgement by a bank of the impact of changes in consumer behaviour, expectation and market forces.  Changes that are forcing the bank to reflect on its own self image.  

But in reality does it mean that the bank's image of what its core, fundamental business will be is changing?  No, I don't think so.  It will deep down still be a financial services institution, providing financial services products to its customers.

What it does almost certainly represent is an acknowledgement that how it conducts its business will continue to evolve and be fundamentally different to FS institutions of old, and perhaps fundamentally different from current FS institutions.  A recognition that to remain competitive it needs to focus on being nimble in its approach, and to invest in development of technology that allows it to be reactive, proactive, ahead of the game and innovative in how it provides its products and services, and engages with and services its customers..

Something that to date, software companies have been better designed and able to do.