As technology continues to touch everything we do in and outside of work the structure of the working day and the work we do within it are likely to change. Full days of work and weekends may blur or disappear as we tune in to work when needed from wherever we may be (and the need to do work may reduce as we increasingly rely on robots and automation to do the hard graft). Social barriers may change as new roles become more accessible to a wider population. Employment and working as we know them may dwindle as people seek a freelance model supplying manifold services for numerous end-users (anytime, anywhere). 

All of this will be hard to digest for those who crave the neat structure of the full working day, but as our minds are refashioned by the ever increasing influence of the internet through devices that pepper our daily experience with fast data and ready information that resistance may erode. As these changes arise the most successful employers and employees are likely to be those that can embrace them.