So, subject to approval of Parliament which seems a certainty, we will have a general election two years earlier than expected.  

There is no doubt Brexit will dominate the debate.   My initial thought was that with Brexit proving such a key agenda item it would mean very little  time for the parties to set out their manifesto on Energy and Environmental matters and even less time for that to be debated.  Being pushed to the edges of debate has two potential consequences:

(1) We won't actually know each party's full stance on these matters and won't be able to debate - not another ill-informed election I hope; and

(2) With The Tories so far ahead  in the polls does this give them leeway to pull further away from the previous EU environmental commitments and take a much less-green stance bearing in mind the lack of time to be challenged on their new policies.

Perhaps I am being overly cynical on the second point but I do fear that we could end up with a government even less inclined to support the use of natural resources and less inclined to protect our environment.

Not only that but purdah (usually six weeks prior to an election) most likely means a hold on any new environmental matters such as the Emissions Reduction Plan.