It's been a year since the first eco-pod Costa Coffee made its appearance at the Wrekin Retail Park and now Hammerson has announced that the second eco-pod will be opened in  Swansea 2017 and personally I can't wait to visit  it. As a coffee lover and with a keen interest in business sustainability I am both fascinated and excited by the convergence of both in this project. 

The first eco-pod developed through a collaboration between Whitbread (owner of the Costa brand) achieved the highest provisional EPC rating (A+) and won a BCSC Gold Award. Key features of this first development included, a special timber frame, super-insulated façade, intelligent building orientation to achieve optimum levels of solar radiation, rooftop pv and passive ventilation. Commenting on the factors that enabled the development of this first eco-pod Whitbread highlighted the importance of having a progressive landlord (Hammerson) and a supportive planning authority. 

This is an excellent story showcasing how energy efficiency measures and renewable technologies can become an integral part of new developments, spearheading innovation and driving down costs for the parties involved. It forms part of a number of measures that Whitbread has taken over the years and which culminated in Whitbread sourcing 100% of its energy across its Premier Inn and Costa Coffee portfolio from renewable energy sources.