It's been a while since Bitcoin was in the mainstream news, with the value fluctuating and focus shifting to the broader application of blockchain/digital ledger technology.

It's back now though, helped by a healthy $2,000+ valuation and once more driving the debate about the true value of these types of currencies in our society.

A major risk flagged in the past around the volatility of the value of these currencies, is simply likely to be fuelled by the current valuations of Bitcoin and Ethereum.  

So whilst these currencies may continue to grab headlines, regulators for now will no doubt keep a watching brief, ready to step in if required (possibly inevitably at some stage given the general societal trend towards technology and innovation), the interesting broader discussions of the application of blockchain technology in a host of sectors outside of simply financial services will go on, often away from the maintstream spotlight.  

And that perhaps in the near term is where the real interest (investments aside) lies.