So having finished last Friday I put aside some time in the week to consider the political parties' stance on Energy/Climate Change.  Doing my research online and heading straight to Regen I found this very helpful article with a summary.

Not surprisingly the Tories (and please don't take the blue tick image as any indication of my allegiance) are the least green with the Lib Dems and the Greens being the most green.  However, as we all know policy before an election is one thing policy after can be entirely different.  Each of the parties has some positive elements to their policy but I have some doubt as to how the Lib Dems or the Greens would in fact fund their policies without having some detriment to the economy overall.

Election Day will not mean that the policy is fixed for four years (oh how investors might wish for that!) but it will certainly mean the industry will have a clearer view of where the government will be targeting for growth and those that will be left to their own devices.  

Tomorrow we are hosting our next roundtable storage event (including discussion of Blockchain and how that could apply to Energy) but no doubt the Election and its impact will be one talking point.