So we have had the weekend to reflect on the result and to see who can get over the line and thus govern the UK.  It appears that  the Tories and the DUP have an alliance and so more likely than not we will have the same leader but with less strength in parliament and indeed in her own party then when the election was first called.

I have picked the quote below not because it explains why the Tories "lost" in the election but because I feel it can be applied more broadly to many of the campaigners on both sides. While Mr Corbyn has indeed engaged with the younger voting populace I personally do not believe any party has focussed enough on actual policy and argument. 

From one party you had talk only on one topic and then belittling of others, from another you had too much talk of (debatably) unrealistic promises and then another talked too much about a second referendum (Scottish independence not Brexit) and while one of them still gained in popularity many political commentators are still not wholly convinced of the strength of the promises.

Personally I think this is merely a reflection of many of the policies over the last few years.  There has been too little thought and debate and too much knee-jerk reaction.  From the Energy industry alone look at the changes that have been implemented to policies governing benefits and subsidies and the LCF.  

What does that mean for businesses going forward - as usual it means an uncertain landscape meaning it is harder to obtain funds from investors thus stifling innovation and deployment (unless there is a knee-jerk reaction to kick start a particular area).  Knowing how the industry has reacted in the past it will be a case of what the image says "Keep Calm and Carry on" - oh and drink a cup of tea as that always helps!