So perhaps a slightly flippant title but the article seems to suggest this is something brand new while at the same time saying millions of people are doing solar and storage already.

Putting some slight inaccuracies aside (Tesla, Powervault and other battery providers would be delighted if there were millions of batteries deployed) the article does at least highlight how important storage via batteries COULD become.  

Emphasis on could simply because there are still barriers to deployment some are cost related, some are regulatory and I certainly hope that the battery institute won't focus just on costs but also look at removing those barriers.  

We also need a mind shift from consumers and a clear reason for those consumers to proceed.  How will they really benefit?  These are all questions that can be answered but the public perceptions have not been overcome as yet.

We are acting on sites ranging from large grid scale and commercial deployment of batteries down to behind the meter both on C&I buildings and residential.  We'd love to talk if you are interested...