So, some good news for storage. No double charging, a proper definition and some support from OFGEM on grid connection challenges and requirements for DNOs to report improvements. All very good news. 

Not ruling out the possibility of DNOs owning storage though (albeit it will be "difficult"). Really not such good news. No wonder the connections are proving difficult. 

Oh, and to ensure that two parts of BEIS don't run the risk of looking remotely co-ordinated on general policy direction, a consultation on Capacity Market changes to de-rate battery storage CMUs as they "may not be able to generate for the full duration of a stress event".  We are not, however, given details of the number of stress events that have outlasted the generation capacity of most battery CMUs. That's because there aren't any.  It's a straightforward kowtow to the gas and traditional power lobby. The rhetoric is that it corrects course to align with policy intention. Sorry guys, fields full of diesel gennies, though clearly the unintended consequence,  didn't seem to wind you up so much as a few super swift technologies getting traction the market. I'm told a fast response to a system stress event (such as the battery CMUs deliver) can in fact reduce its duration, so let's get the facts clear before this gets through on the back of fake news. 

We'd probably better respond to the consultation, then.