There is regular commentary about the perceived lack of diversity and of discrimination in Silicon Valley and within the technology ecosystem (from investors to start ups and through to global tech companies).

Many are engaged in considering what the solutions may be to expedite the move towards diversity and inclusion. 

What appears to be the case in the UK, as a result of the Gender Pay Gap Regulations, is that a stock pile of progressive plans for redressing imbalance is developing at pace. Companies which have published their gender pay gap reports or their plans are also creating narratives outlining practical steps they are taking or will take to improve their results and approach to diversity generally. Tesco, TSB, Vodafone and Virgin Media (amongst others) have outlined many progressive ideas and commitments such as unconscious bias training for managers, coaching and mentoring, recruitment campaigns targeting females who have taken career breaks, gender balanced short lists, recruitment targets for under-represented groups etc. 

PWC has gone further than the law currently requires and has published pay data based on ethnicity as well as gender. 

All of this will help to create a great source of ideas and practical steps that can be taken to improve diversity across industries and one would hope that this will play its part in helping the technology sector (amongst others) to accelerate the move towards increased diversity and inclusion.