It's not often I find myself reading a conservative (or indeed any party's) website but I came across this from Simon Clarke the MP for Teeside.

Here is someone in government I can find myself agreeing with.  As pro-renewables advocates we must be careful not to fall into the same style of argument (renewables wherever whenever at any cost) as those ardent detractors from deployment of wind turbines.  Each site must be considered on its own merits and taking into account numerous factors. 

I was expecting the usual stance of keep wind turbines off our land approach but I was pleasantly surprised by the balanced approach taken.  Not only does he acknowledge the issue of climate change as being real but also makes it clear that while we have made progress on climate change and deployment of renewables we are not there and "can't go to the pub yet".  Sadly I am not sure there are many others in power who share this view but one lone voice is better than none.  To quote Barry Manilow:

"Just One Voice, Singing in the darkness, All it takes is One Voice..."

Talking of pubs there is now at least one MP with whom I would gladly discuss UK Energy policy over a pint.