Having just returned from the Solar & Storage Live 2017 Conference in Birmingham, where corporate PPAs and funding arrangements for the new era of the energy industry were a key topic we were pleased to hear that the news that EE has signed a four year renewable electricity deal with energy provider Npower. 

This deal aims to provide EE with 680 GWh of renewable energy mainly from green sources such as wind farms and solar plants. During our exhibition in Birmingham we had an opportunity to speak with a number of representatives from various corporations, as well as representatives of high street banks (don't whisper that too loudly!), all of which are seeking to capitalise on the new opportunities that the drop in the price of solar modules and improvements in battery storage technology hold. 

EE is part of the BT group, which has an ambitious target of buying 100% green power for its operations by 2020 - last year BT sourced 82% of its electricity renewably so is well on the way and this is further great news.

The winds (and rays) of change are coming...