A good reminder from IT Pro that applying disruptive technology solutuions within your business shouldn't necessarily be revolutionary but more an evolution of business methods (i.e. communications, customer/client relationship management etc).

It is easy to be attracted by what's new and shiny in the world of disruptive technology and equally simple to get distracted from what issues your business really needs to focus on to increase productivity, streamline operations and retain talent.

The referenced article raises some interesting points around staff engagement with a stark contrast in the statistics - 79% of over 700 CTOs and Tech users asked said that improvements in technology would aid the effectiveness of their businesses against 8% of IT users stating that their technology strategy was helping their business.  Interestingly the implication in the article suggests that IT users felt that technology used in their home environment was better that that used within their working environment heightening frustration with business technology initiatives.  This disquiet is more stark with the under 35s who are more likely statistically to vote with their feet and move if frustrations are not considered and acted upon.  

Clearly the key take home from this is that communication and staff engagement needs to be a core focus within businesses so that they can take informed decisions about how to improve technology intelligently to support and improve productivity and staff retention.