Today's article on the trends in Disruptive Technology in the APAC (Asia Pacific) regions raises some interesting points for CIOs/CTOs and technology leads for businesses in the UK.

Salient points include:

- APAC CIOs believe that their roles will/are changing significantly given the proliferation of and integration of disruptive technology.  Rather than the more traditional approach of CTOs on the delivery and support for their businesses' existing technology architecture their focus is now on CHANGE (in its broadest sense) within that business.  Their role will also become broader than a focus on new and existing tech and have much more alignment with innovation generally and talent development within their respective businesses.  These are interesting developments in the traditional role of the CIO and reflect the growing stature of the CIO role within business generally.

- investment continues to flow in core disruptive techs including (1) conversational interfaces; (2) VR; (3) AR; and (4) block chain solutions.

- CIOs in those APAC businesses anticipate significant growth in their budgets to enable their businesses to procure new technologies to remain competitive, lean and effective.

The points raised in respect of the change in CIOs role is an interesting one and chimes with a number of conversations that we have been having with CIOs and CTOs in the UK.  By definition the priority places by business on technological improvements and advancements means a far greater role for those roles within business and at the board table.  Their is also a clear need to ensure that CIOs/CTOs have a broad overview of the business strategy and long term goals to ensure that tech procurement and investment seamlessly support the direction of the business and its people.