It seems almost rare in this day and age for a week to go by without some sort of news story around the potentially huge impact of electric vehicles and renewable energy storage systems.  It's no great surprise therefore that Lithium (a key component of those batteries) has been described as "the new gasoline".

Cornwall of course has always had a very proud mining heritage and it's fantastic therefore to see Cornish Lithium and Tregothnan Estates announce that they've signed an agreement to allow for exploration and commercial development of lithium contained in hot spring brines on the land and mineral rights owned by Tregothnan.  Let's hope I can one day be driving around in an electric car (I'm thinking a Tesla roadster, although I suspect that may be wishful thinking!) with batteries made from Lithium from right under the Cornish countryside - somehow that would make those drives along the beautiful coastal roads even more enjoyable!